Circus without Animals


Since 2007 ARCTUROS has conducted a campaign entitled “Greece: a country free of circus animals", which brought to light documents showing the torture of elephants in an Italian circus company that worked and toured throughout Greece. The campaign raised awareness for thousands of citizens and students on the poor training conditions of the animals used in circus performances. More than 30,000 citizens have supported us, read our blog and signed a petition requesting a ban on circuses using animals in their shows. The petition was submitted to both the Greek and the European parliaments. Finally, in January 2012 the Greek parliament passed a law that prohibits circuses with animals running and any kind of performances with animals!

Greece became one of four European countries to ban circuses with wild animals. It was also the first in Europe and second globally to ban all circuses or attractions that included performing animals. Together we succeeded!

We hope that the new law will be applied soon, starting with the end of the dolphin shows in the illegal Attica Dolphinarium. There are many issues to be resolved regarding animals in our country, on which ARCTUROS has filed legal pleas and studies: zoos, dolphinariums, shows, illegal trading and farming and illegal captivity. We will continue to strive for improvements to the law and for the best possible living conditions for these animals.

ARCTUROS is working intensively for Greece to have free animals and true wildlife.