Since 1997, Arcturos has proceeded in reforestations for the creation or restoration of the forests, for the enrichment of biodiversity and for the improvement, via planting wild fruitful plants, of the food availability for the fauna of the area. Until today 15000 trees in Greece have been planted and reforestations have taken place in areas in which natural growth was impossible due to extensive and recurring burning. Arcturos receives the necessary for these actions licensing in cooperation with the Reforestation Administration and the apposite local entities. Its specialized crew cares for the correct growth of trees for the first 3 years, a critical for their survival period.

Forest Cleaning

A program for the cleaning and protection of exurban trees from inorganic (waste) and organic matter (rotten trees and branches). The aim of this action is the revival of the exurban forests, so that these places become sustainable, benefiting not only humans but also the local flora and fauna.