What we achieved together

We did it together. During 23 years of ARCTUROS' service.
1997We put an end to the feature of dancing bears.
We did it together. During 23 years of ARCTUROS' service.

We contributed in prohibiting use of animals by circuses in Greece.

1993 We started and run special wildlife sanctuaries concerning former bears and wolves in captivity, located in Nimfaio and Agrapidia of Florina, respectively.
We run information centres for public.

We participate in the Mediterranean program against use of illegal and poisonous baits.

We breed and donate greek shepherd dogs to stock-breeders in an attempt to help them deal with damages that may be caused by bears or wolves in a more traditional and effective way.
2005 We founded and maintain the National Bear Register, with bear DNA samples (hair) that are collected from special hair-traps, placed on utility poles.

We intervene in roadway allignment designs and engineering structures constructions that are opposed to protection of the environment.

We upgrade bald woodland areas via afforestations (150.000 till today).
We are the most recognisable and trustworthy greek environmental organzation (Awareness and Social Behavior Index, 2012).
We collaborate with institutions from all over the globe concerning environmental issues in our country.

We have a wildlife protection emergency crew.

We hosted, for the first time in Greece and Southeast Mediterranean, the 23rd International Conference on Bear Research and Management, which is the most important international conference in this field.
We open or revivify mountain trails.