Reintegration in Natural Habitat


The several-month upbringing and education program for young animals, aiming at their preparation to survive independently in nature, as well as their freedom operation were successfully completed by our scientific team and noticed by the international scientific community.

Our firm position is that animals should not live in captivity. Based on this position and thanks to the potential offered by the Special Reintegration Space, a 10000 m2 fenced forest, and our scientific team, Arcturos can, under specific circumstances, undertake the veterinary care and the reintegration of orphan wild animals. Reintegration is also a usual practice in many countries.

In case of locating small orphan bears or wolves, we kindly request all citizens to immediately contact the Forest or Police authorities and Arcturos’ Emergency Team on the numbers provided, 23860 31155 and 6957834668.

It is worth noting that the bears which are hosted by Arcturos’ Environmental Centre, having lost their mothers early, were not taught the basic survival mechanisms and consequently cannot reintegrate and survive in their natural habitat. After being admitted and taken care of at the Veterinary Station, they are transferred to the Bear Shelter, a specially fenced part of a 50000m2 natural beech forest, where they live the rest of their lives under human care and concern.