Thanks to the help of dozens of volunteers, ARCTUROS takes actions to protect and manage wildlife and the natural environment. ARCTUROS also coordinates volunteer exchange programs in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Youth and the European Voluntary Service EVS.

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European Voluntary Service (EVS)

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a program implemented by the YOUTH INSTITUTE and funded by the "Youth in Action" program, and gives young people aged 18-25 the opportunity to work voluntarily for small or long intervals in a foreign country.
Since its inception, ARCTUROS has hosted volunteers from England, France, Spain, Germany, Romania and also caters for the hospitality of Greek volunteers who wish to offer similar activities abroad.

The objective of the European Voluntary Service is:

  • To provide informal intercultural learning experience to young people, encourage their social inclusion, active participation and preoccupation, and provide opportunities for expression and solidarity with others.
  • To support the development of local communities.
  • To encourage the establishment of new partnerships and the exchange of experiences and good practice between the sending and hosting bodies of volunteers.

You can find more information about EVS here.

There are no participation costs. Travel, insurance, food, accommodation and a small allowance are covered by the Youth in Action program.
Every year ARCTUROS accepts volunteers who have the unique opportunity to participate in field actions to preserve wildlife and the natural environment. In particular, after attending a one month intensive Greek language courses as well as a preparatory "seminar" on basic animal observation methods, they visit areas where the bear and the wolf live in order to record their bio-indications and behaviors (always with the guidance and accompaniment of members of the ARCTUROS scientific team).

As an ARCTUROS volunteer, you will participate in:
Fieldwork (radio-observation of bears or wolves).
Public awareness campaigns (events and exhibitions) throughout Greece.
As an ARCTUROS volunteer, you will participate in:

Work at the bear and wolf shelter
(assisting visitors, feeding and taking
care of animlas at the shelter,
manual labour, maintenance of paths etc.)

Environmental education activities (activities with students or groups of children in schools and other educational institutions).
The operation of ARCTUROS’s Information Centre for the Brown Bear in Nikios School of Nymfaio.
Working at the Environmental Centre

Your accommodation is in Aetos, Florina, in a house built in accordance with the regional traditional architecture. The house has two rooms, a kitchen and a fireplace and can accommodate up to 10 people.


Training is provided by staff of the Environmental Centre on issues related to the bear, the wolf and the mountain regions.

  • Warm clothes and shoes (winter and summer)
  • Raincoat
  • Appetite for work

The minimum time that one can participate as a volunteer is one weekend.


Volunteers Manager:
Elena Pontiki
Τ. 2386041500