Greek Sheperd Dogs


For centuries, the Greek shepherd dog breed has protected sheep and goat herds in the mountain regions of our country, and is rightfully part of our natural and cultural heritage. It is a very important breed because it is perfectly adapted to the natural conditions of the mountainous countryside, and has become a valuable and irreplaceable guardian, able to face the attacks of large carnivores, such as bears and wolves.

In order to reduce the damage caused by bears and wolves to the livestock of the region, and wanting to protect the endangered breed of dog, ARCTUROS started a breeding programme of the Greek shepherd dog in 1998. Puppies are given free to farmers whose herds graze in the mountainous areas that constitute the habitat of large carnivores. The breeding program is implemented in modern facilities in the community of Aetos Florina, and is made up of pens for 10 to 12 broods, large runs for the dogs, and a training area with farm animals (sheep, goats, cows). Every year about 50 puppies are born in the centre.

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