Our Dream

After 23 years of activity, we are proud for ARCTUROS's contribution and grateful to your help. Together we contributed to the protection of wildlife and we keep on at full force.

We started with small steps in order to extinct any incident of dancing bears, we respected the wolves and pursued their protection while we loved and helped spreading the greek shepherd dog.

We knew that wildlife cannot blossom without its habitat therefore we expanded our activities into the fields of forest and biodiversity preservation.

Once in a while, we take a step back and breathe in. We review our journey considering everything that came across our way and everything that didn't, all the things we accomplished and these that we did not. We take responsibility for our mistakes and get excited with our victories. This is an experience that allows us to reflect on tomorrow.

We love nature and wildlife. Endangered species and their habitats. We need healthy forests, clean air and water because they are the source of our prosperity.

Our dream is to keep on having funds in order to go on for many years to come, be united and ensure that man and nature co-exist in harmony. Scientists, volunteers, organizations and citizens. We can all belong into the same team, the one that cares for something more...